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Fueling Future Champions

- Emily Hammon RD LD N 

Certified Youth Nutrition Specialist

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The Nutritional Athletic Edge

Do you feel your young athletes are not performing at their peak during practices or games?  Do you watch as toward the end of a game they 'fizzle out' of energy? 

They may be missing the most important gear for the game, proper nutrition and hydration!  

Clinically based evidence has shown, young athletes' consuming the proper nutrition/hydration intake will optimize their performance and maximize their athletic potential. 

Parents (and coaches) shouting from the sidelines to "run faster, jump higher, throw harder" cannot make up for the athlete not receiving the proper energy balance to allow them to unlock their full potential.



Emily Hammon RD LD N

Founder Youth Sports Dietitian LLC


Registered Dietitian

Emily Hammon RD LD N 
Certified Youth Nutrition Specialist

Schooled locally in St Louis, MO, I completed my didactic internship through Washington University and Barnes Jewish College of Nursing and Allied Health program in 2004. II am currently enrolled at Maryland University of Integrative Health's Doctor of Clinical Nutrition program. I have since obtained my licensure in both Missouri and Illinois working the last 20+years as a Clinical Registered Dietitian.  My passion grew for youth sports nutrition as I researched into how to improve my own son's performance during practice, game days and recovery. Realizing that proper nutrition bridges the gap between ability and optimized performance. Feeling the need to educate other youth athletes, I acquired my Certification as Youth Nutrition Specialist. I look forward to helping your young athlete(s) reach his/her full potential. Please also check the link below to see if these services may be covered by your medical insurance.

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Business Hours

By Appointment

Book on-line or if having difficulties please email at youth.sports.rd@gmail.com

Mon - Thrs: 10am-8pm CST

Fri-Sun: 10am - 6pm CST

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Clinical Evidence:

Article citations

"Given the importance of nutrition to health and optimal sports performance, intervention to improve nutrition knowledge and healthy eating is recommended, especially for young athletes." (Citation 1)

"Proactive and integrated nutrition planning can have a profound recovery effect over a long race season, as well as optimizing recovery during rounds of championship racing." (Citation 2)

"There is a need for sports nutrition counselling and education which would help athletes improve their eating habits and health, as well as for optimising their sports training performance." (Citation 3)

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