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North Shore Oahu Surf School
North Shore Oahu Surf School

How Can You Improve Your Paddling Technique for North Shore Surfing?

If you're gearing up to surf the legendary waves of Oahu’s North Shore, mastering your paddling technique is crucial. The North Shore Oahu Surf School, led by pro surfer Kala Grace, is a fantastic place to start. Let's explore how you can enhance your paddling skills to make the most of your surfing experience.

First things first, paddling is all about efficiency and endurance. You want to glide smoothly over the water without exhausting yourself before you even catch a wave. The key is to maintain a steady rhythm and keep your body aligned. Lie flat on your board, keep your head up, and use long, even strokes. Think of your arms as the engine propelling you forward with consistent power.

Breathing is another critical aspect. It might sound obvious, but many beginners forget to breathe correctly while concentrating on their paddling. Inhale deeply and exhale fully, timing your breaths with your strokes. This will not only keep your muscles oxygenated but also help you stay calm and focused.

Hand placement also plays a significant role in effective paddling. Cup your hands slightly and enter the water with your fingers first, pulling back in a smooth, S-shaped motion. This technique reduces drag and maximizes your propulsion, allowing you to cover more distance with less effort.

Another tip is to engage your core. Your arms should do most of the work, but a strong core will support your movements and help you stay balanced. Keep your torso stable and use your abdominal muscles to maintain a streamlined position on the board.

Don’t forget about your legs. While they won’t be doing much of the paddling, keeping them close together and relaxed will help you stay balanced. If your legs are too spread out or tense, it can cause unnecessary drag and slow you down.

Finally, practice makes perfect. The more time you spend paddling, the better you'll become at it. Try different techniques, pay attention to what feels most efficient, and make adjustments as needed. Over time, your paddling will become second nature, and you'll be able to focus more on catching waves and less on how to get there.

Ready to take your paddling and surfing skills to the next level? Contact Kala Grace at the North Shore Oahu Surf School to book the best surf lessons North Shore Oahu has to offer. With expert guidance and personalized tips, you'll be riding the waves with confidence in no time. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from the best and make the most of your surfing adventure.


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