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acutrack website

Cover All the Bases When You Self-Publish

Successful books don't happen by accident; when you self-publish one, the responsibilities lie squarely on your shoulders. If you are more concerned about selling copies than promoting yourself, think carefully about where you'll sell and how to handle book fulfillment when you receive orders. Selling books directly to readers through your website (with the required eCommerce capabilities) is the most profitable because you keep all the sale proceeds. When you sell through retailers, you split the sale price, leaving you with much smaller per-copy income through wholesale sales deals.

Maximizing your book's launch with the needed PR and promotion also matters because it's the moment when you have the most significant opportunity. "Newsworthiness" is an essential concept in book marketing, and the media often cover new books. If you can rev up your online presence concurrently and post to your social media and blog if you have one, you'll make the right effort to reach target readers. Helping them discover your book is crucial; soon after, you want to convince them to order a copy. Book sales are generally up, so it's an era of opportunity for authors.

Long before you publish your first book, it's time to launch a website. Gone are the days when it's an option. Every writer needs an online home, and if you lack one, people may question the seriousness of your work. Today, it's easy to envision someone standing in the aisle of a bookstore, considering your book and using their smartphone to check your site. Things like that happen often today, and ensuring you have the correct information online is helpful. Author's websites don't need to be long or elaborate. Populating the site with several pages, your biography, and ways to buy your book(s) does the trick.

Professional editing and cover design are your book's two most crucial content preparation services. Availing yourself of each one ensures you produce a quality product. People are more open-minded than ever about self-published books, but your quality must be measured against traditionally published titles. They receive support from the publisher's internal departments, which are responsible for editing and cover design. Many excellent professionals with the right experience are in the market today; you can find them online or by referral. Be incredibly picky with the editors; find one you'll respect.


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